System Analysis

Rather than simply considering the end result you want achieved – and attempting to design a software application meeting vague or incomplete requirements – we carry out system analysis to ensure we meet your needs on first attempt. 

System Analysis is the most critical step in the solution development cycle. System Analysis takes a holistic look at the problem and ascertains the feasibility as well as the functional and non-functional requirements. Our consultants have a wealth of both industry specific knowledge and technical expertise; we pride ourselves on being able to offer straight, independent advice and practical solutions.

The reasons for this are:

  • Identify specific flaws present in current system.
  • Determine what the current system is unable to do that the new application will have to achieve.
  • What are the requirements of the end-user.
  • What hardware restrictions need to be considered.
  • Decide how best to integrate or interface existing system/s and new application.

We have found that often clients make requests for software applications based on very broadly-defined desired outcomes. Software analysis is essential in determining the specifics involved in meeting your requirements.


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 From concept and design, to final site development, we deliver all services "in house", thereby assuring quality and on time performance. Our participation continues after initial development.  We consult on interactive and business issues, advice on new available web technologies and provide performance analysis on an enduring basis. Don't hesitate in contacting us if you need any advise or assistance. Contact Us ....