Solution Development
Category Time Managament Application (Web-based)
Resources 2 Developers, 1 Project Manager
Scope A web based timesheet application that allows you to easily monitor your time, as well as your employees' time, allowing managers to compare totals, project time and even employees' attendance.

The aplication allows you will get an instant overview of what’s going on with your team members and in your company. You can easily track your employees' time spent on a project or analyze a graph for optimization.

The online timesheet offers flexible management and reporting options for everyone.

Technologies C# ASP.Net, IIS 7.0, Microsof SQL Server 2005, Microsoft Server 2003, AJAX, Flash



Complaint Management System
Category Complant Management System (Hybrid Solution)
Resources 2 Developers, 1 Project Manager, 1 Business Analyst
Scope An effective complaints management system is an essential part of the provision of quality service in local government. It is on method of measuring community satisfaction and provides a useful source of information and feedback for improving services.

The developed solution is a hybrid of stand alone applications and a web based user interface. The solution integrates all touch points (E-Mail, Post, Fax, Direct calls and GSSC call centre) to provide all agents and management a method to track each complaint through its lifecycle from recording and initiation to investigation, reporting, and closure.

Some of the solution features :
  • Quickly enter and prioritize complaints using, GSSC Call Centre, Public Website, Intranet or a offline application running on a Pocket PC.
  • Automatically assign complaints & notify agents using e-mail, sms and dashboard
  • System generated tasks, reminders and due dates driven by policies.
  • Complaints progress can be reported using e-mail, sms or by public website.
  • Actionable, real-time reports (tables, charts, graphs)
  • Strict escaltion procedures
  • Document management creating a audit log of all complaints
Technologies C# ASP.Net, IIS 6.0, Microsof SQL Server 2003, Microsoft Server 2003, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Microsoft SQL Lite, Web Services



Invoicing & Payment Application
Category Finance(Hybrid Solution)
Resources 4 Developers, 1, Technical Support, 1 Trainer, 2 Project Managers, 1 Business Analysts

A web based solution that amalgamates multiple revenue sources for local government that allows real time forecasting and reporting of revenue.
The system allows for invoicing of clients and tracks payments using the allocation engine.

The solution integrates a stand alone application deployed and multiple branches, which allows these branches to scan documents and communicate with the head office.
This allows head office to quickly and more effeciently approve cancellations so that they don't impact on the branches cash flow.

Technologies C# ASP.NET, AJAX, SOAP, WSDL, IIS 7, TWAIN, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Windows Server 2008



Biometric Time Clock & Attendance
Category Time Management Application(Hybrid Solution)
Resources 2 Developers, 1 Project Manager
Scope Biometric Time Clock & Attendance system replaces the typical time clock used to track employees attendance. Instead of employees punching a time-card, they simply insert their finger into the reader and use the touch screen to check-in or check-out

The system was developed for a audio visual company that had very specific requirements that could not be met by off-the-shelf applications. The system used a optical fingerprint reader to authenticate the user and central database to store all attendance data. All attendance data was processed and made available on the intranet.
Technologies PHP, Apache, MySQL, VB 6.0, Windows XP